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June 2016

Toolss is a lifestyle coffee shop locates in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong. Apart from good coffee, Toolss' mission is to bring a paper and pen living back to the modern digital age. Stocked with writing tools such as stationery and paper goods, the selection is carefully curated by the owner.


In June 2015, a small collaboration project was born between us. I was given the chance to design a series of writing goods ranging from tote bags, notebooks and postcards. The design theme coherent with the objective of Toolss.


The collection has drawn media coverages and praises from lifestyle editors.

"We love Coffee and Toolss" tote bag

350(W) × 470(H)mm


"Happiness is a cup of coffee" tote bag

390(W) × 390(H)mm


" Let's take a coffee break " tote bag

390(W) × 390(H)mm

"Gimme a break series" A5 notebooks, Ruled & Plain

148.5(W) × 210(H)mm

Postcard, three different designs

120(W) × 160(H)mm

The Key Visuals

"We love Coffee and Toolss" 

"Happiness is a cup of coffee"

"Let's take a coffee break"

   Gimme a break series

   "Yawning Queen Guard"

   Gimme a break series

   "Yawning Mr Bean"

   Gimme a break series

   "Yawning Charlie Chaplin"

   Gimme a break series

   "Yawning Kate Middleton"

   Gimme a break series

   "Yawning Elizabeth Diana"